A fully established up and running Cassava Plantation to take over !

Secure Income through Cassava Farming

International demand for cassava is growing. Cassava can be used for various food products, animal feed, raw material to produce ethanol, paper, pharmacy, glue, biodegradable products and confectionery. Also the rising demand for alternative energy products will increase the market value of cassava in the very near future.

Our Unique Offer

23.5 rai of fertile farm land with secure transferable title. Suitable for cassava, rubber and a great variety of o the short term crops.

Beneath some Impressions from a 9 month crop cycle.

Land Preparation:
Growing Period:Harvest:

Elegant Living

1.5 Rai. A beautiful area (2.400 sqm) for your house and garden.

Overlooking the plantation and surrounded by a variety of huge old trees.
Design of House & Garden as well as the actual construction can be arranged.
Beneath some pictures of our Plantation House as samples of our capabilities.

Gate & Entrance
Interior Design
Landscape & Garden

The Location

Surin Province:

Easy access over tarmac road.

Local amenities, electricity, and private water supply.

Expert Knowledge and Training

Skilled labor, expert knowledge and intensive training on farming crops and running the plantation is of course available.

Excellent Minimum Effort Income Potential

Expenses for Cassava Farming 20 Rai

Estimated Income & Profit Calculation

For Sale

This valuable farming project is for sale as going concern. Offers in the region of 3.450.000 Thai Baht. Trade contacts, Labor, expert advice and training is available. Annual income of more than 1.149.000 Thai Baht and rising. The reason for sale is the distance (60km) from our main farm facility (over 125 Rai) to this development.

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